Computer Services

New Computer setup

So you just got a new PC. New computer setup allows you to get the most out of you new system without all the system updates. Let me get your new system ready by installing all the available updates, Installing your choice of Anti-Virus and clean out the pre-installed bloatware.

Computer Tune-UP
$75     Was $90

Is your computer running slow? I can tune it up by uninstalling any unneeded programs and cleaning up extra files. Running system and hard drive scans while providing a report of recommendations if additional service is needed.

Data Backup
$50 – up to 25GB (about 6 DVDs)
$75 –
25GB to 250GB (Hard drive only)
$100 –
Drive Cloning to another or larger Hard drive

No one plans on losing their data. But just about everyone does at one time or another. Take preventative action. Let me preform a data backup of your files to DVD or external Hard drive for safe keeping.

  • Customer must provide the extra Hard Drive for backups.

Operating System install

Looking to start fresh with your system? Try a clean OS install. Make it like new out of the the box using the manufacturer’s recovery technology. This is a must for systems that have viruses that can not be removed.

Virus & Spyware removal

Popup adds taking over your system? I can run deep scans in an attempt to clean out Viruses and Spyware.

  • Pricing is based on system drop off to my location. On-site has limited appointments but is available for an additional cost depending on location.
  • OS install might require original media or recovery for your system from the manufacturer. This can be determined while examining your system.
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